Just Another Day Dennis M. Golphin

How often have you thought to yourself Today is just another day? This attitude has pronounced untold disasters on many a good day. Today if properly viewed is not just another day. It is the beginning of the rest of your life. It also is much more than calculating the minutes within hours that make up days. In fact it is developing an attitude of expectation surrounding a “Good Day”.

Just what is a day? Certainly it is much more than time calculations and less involved than just existing.  In a real biblical sense a day has strong meaning. The Hebrew word for day is the word, Yom. This word can mean “daylight; day; time; moment; year, or any specified period of time” Attested at every era of biblical Hebrew, the word Yom occurs more than 2,304 times in our English bible. Yom has several meanings. The word represents the period of “daylight” as contrasted with night time. The word can denote a period of twenty-four hours. Yom can also signify a period of time of unspecified duration.  It is noteworthy that Hebrew people did not divide the period of daylight into regular hourly periods, whereas nighttime was divided into three watches (Ex 14:24; Jud. 7:19). The beginning of a “day” is sometimes said to be dusk (Esth. 4:16) and sometimes dawn (Due. 28:66-67).  no matter how you slice it, our days are as important as you make them.

In the movie, “Ground Hog Day”, the character was destined to repeat each day going over the same events and repeating the same mistakes. If only we could repeat all our yesterdays with the knowledge we have today. We could avoid certain issues and correct others. How idealistic this sounds, but how ironic, we can’t change the mistakes of the past. We can only repent of them, learn from them, even avoid them, but we can’t erase them.

Now when your day becomes important enough to create then you will begin to change. That’s right. I am talking about creating your day. How does one do that? First, by realizing that it is not your day, it belongs to God. The Psalmist suggests in Ps 118:24, “This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it (NIV).” If today belongs to God then the Lord is able to direct the atmosphere surrounding His day, not yours. Simply speaking, give your day to God and watch it change.

Now what does this mean? Frankly speaking, your day is whatever you call it. The tongue has the power of life and death (Pro. 18:21). Every waking moment of your life begins with a perception of what’s it going to be like; how is it going to turn out; and when is it going to happen. Through prayer one can reshape and transform the very air one breathes.

Well nothing will ever happen if you’re going to sit around regretting your yesterdays and being sour regarding your present day. One song writer wrote an interesting song, “One Day At A Time”. Now that’s it. Let’s start to change things one moment at a time. Change begins with an attitude and your attitude depends on your perception. Once your thinking changes, your outlook will change. Then your persona will appear pleasant. Wait a minute, I know what you are thinking, “Nothing is that easy”. You’re right. It takes effort to want to change. It takes moving away from bitterness, anger, regret, disappointment, and giving up on life.

Is this just another day? No. It is the day the Lord has designed and I will live in it free from distraction, worry, or fear. I will not forget the mistakes of the past, but I will not let them rule my desire for the good things of today. Nor will I allow them to shape the wonderful things of tomorrow as I am planting seeds of greatness today. My desire is to change my today from what it could have been to what it’s not going to be “Just Another Day”.

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