November Episcopal Letter

The journey of the episcopacy is one of history, doctrine, government, ethics, and tradition. We certainty have a rich history in the church of the establishment and the abuse of all of the above. We also have some deep roots in scripture for separating and maintaining a special order of priesthood that we expect to hold high ethical standards of leadership and character.

The truth is we have been divided over the integrity and abuse of leadership for too long. The real question is whether the historic form of church government we practice, is the only form or one of many management tools the Lord has ordained for the church to prosper. Whether what we are experiencing today is replacement of old traditional leadership voices or recognition of additional voices of leadership, a corporate resolution is necessary. Until we organize the messengers the message becomes ineffective.

In addition, we also have standards that at times have devalued the integrity of scripture and caused disappointment to the validity of the Episcopal office. Proper training and commitment to biblical truth will propel us toward respect and effectiveness as we journey to the place God is, and not to the place God was.

These monthly posts are designed to put emphasis on doctrine, history, tradition, ethics, and protocol and to come to some clarity and direction for leadership growth. It is also organized to come into fellowship with other leadership visionaries and to have a common ground for harmony of opinions and issues that face the body of Christ.

The decay of church leadership abuse through the centuries has given rise to a platform of cries from the pews to change, amend, or fix the leadership. Others have heard the voice of the Lord mandating untraditional methods of leadership protocol that have caused more division than unity. It is not the assignment of this college to judge or ridicule one’s calling. However, it is the mandate of this group to test the integrity of the character of your leadership and the validity of your message.

My assignment and burden for the last four years has been to lead this college to higher standards of excellence in ministry. We must resolve the internal struggles of management we face and unite, if we expect to impact a global leadership deficient and become leaders of leaders.

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