Is there a need for a new spiritual awakening in the Church world? Absolutely. The Body of Christ needs a genuine interchange of the Holy Spirit to revive the Church and fortify itself for survival. It is just this kind of atmosphere that calls for a little less talk and a lot more action as we rapidly approach the conclusion of time. It’s at this stage that  the real Church, committed to Biblical authority, has to stand up and be counted.

We don’t need another revival of sideshow tricks and circus acts that promote someone’s perverted agenda. Nor another conference that hypes our emotions and leave us mentally drained. Not even another promise of financial prosperity, only to realize the only one getting blessed is the one asking for the sacrifice, and I don’t mean God. Certainly not another prophetic word that promises blessings but rarely rebukes our thoughts and actions. No. We don’t need any more cheap imitations of God’s GLORY.

But more than revival we need a reformation in our ideology and our theology. Since theology is the study of God, are we suggesting that our understanding of God evolves as we mature? YES. Is God adjusting His Will to our ways? Never. Or should we be adjusting our ways to His Will? Certainly.

For many of us it’s our ideology we live by and not our theology. Ideology is defined as a system of social beliefs, values, and ideas forming a basis of the way a person thinks. Ultimately, it is how a person thinks that determines their actions. Yet we are shocked at what people do that we call crime. But rarely do we understand the “why” we just focus on the “what.”

For the Christian, the lack of commitment to biblical accuracy and spiritual discernment has led to a tragic swift in traditional, Biblical, Christian values. The issues are deep, but the Early Church focused on keeping the Faith pure and speaking out against false doctrine and false religion.

So do we need more education or indoctrination? Let’s see, education means to become knowledgeable and factual in a systematic fashion. Information can certainly develop us, but at some point you have to evaluate all the information you receive and draw some type of conclusion. You are going to have to eventually make a discussion on what course in life you are going to pursue. That can result in becoming your ideology or your theology.

The Holy Spirit is the only remedy that can forge a union between our ideology and our theology. It takes the illumination and the anointing of God to sort through the issues of life and bring perspective to behavioral problems.

The problem with reform or transformation is the resistance of the elite to maintain where we traditionally are, though where we are is not where God is. We need more indoctrination of the word of God in our lives and less application of what it means to me.

For one to be indoctrinated, you must decide to follow a certain philosophical viewpoint or teaching. In this case, to become indoctrinated in the Christian faith, one must follow the teachings of Jesus and the apostles. This requires one to not only study, but apply one’s lifestyle and character to Christian standards. This becomes more than simple ideology, it is theology at its highest.

The Church today is full of contradictions. We don’t want to be salt & light. We want to be the light, without changing the darkness. We want to be inclusive and evasive to gain acceptance. Jesus said, we should not only become light, but salt (Mt 5:13-14). This means while we are trying to gain center stage, we must also arrest sin. Speak out on evil and embrace holiness. Is the church designed to entertain us and raise super stars or prepare us for that grand audience with the King of Kings? I believe we must evaluate our options, desires, and direction in order to produce fruit that reflects our Maker.


  1. Rodney Samuel says:

    Love this article. It is what we should be hearing from all our leaders.

  2. I am appreciative and in synch with the perspective views of the church you so eloquently conveyed to us. A few years ago I had a dream of a cicus on the parking lot og one of the churches in the Tidewater area . Immediately I understood the Lord thoughts regarding our side shows in church antics. Thank you for your uncanny and direct communication to stir for our reassessment of ideals vs theology. I must revisit the dream and allow the ministry of the Word to develope even my mind enabling the ability to convey God’s-perspective to this generation. Again, thank you

    Apostle Jackson

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