A Bible Narative

The narrative of the bible begins with the Creator God producing dry land out of a watery grave called earth. It continues by producing life in three genetic forms – plant, animal, and human to populate the earth, and then placing all this in a designated location called Eden (Gen 1 & 2). Out of the chaos, comes a plan to develop a people (Hebrews) who are unique and special in God’s viewpoint and then moves(through Moses) to establishing worship (Judaism) of the one true God. Finally, God gives certain promises that include specific territory (Israel) for obedience to God’s Laws. That sums up the history and development of the Old Testament of the Bible.

Enter the New Testament viewpoint of the Son of God. We discover the Father’s plan was not for universal man (Adam), but a supernatural man (Jesus Christ). The people were not to be racial (Jews), but spiritual (Christians) and the promises not hereditary, but given by grace and faith. Along with this, the kingdom splits into two ideas – salvation and government and The Lord Jesus Christ is the central figure that bridges both concepts.


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