The Church’s Lost Identity

Many uninformed people have expressed their misunderstanding of “Church” and their definitions are either erroneous or inadequate while missing the revelation of what the church really is. The most common perception of a church is a building; either implied or spoken to those outside of the corporate structure of the church or those members who are partakers of the fellowship. It is easy to see how one can mistake the building or the meeting place as the “Church.”  It’s imperative that we do not forget that there were churches (communities of Faith) long before there were buildings (houses of Worship). In Fact, the Early or Primitive Church understood the church as a mystical entity. That being the case, the first church buildings were not constructed until near the end of the second century ( 290 A.D.) .  This need to want to identify with everybody else and have what other religions have or what other people possess to serve their gods have cost us our true identity. 

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