The High Tech Church

We live in an age when all sorts of information is available at our finger tips.  With the emerge of the new super information highway, “high-tech” is on the rise.  It has become so easy to talk and to communicate with almost anybody you want. There are telephone chat lines, computer electronic boards, computers, tablets, and even cell phones and endless radio and TV talk shows so people can express themselves in every medium imaginable.

This wave has even effected the church world.  We are high tech now.  With the emerge of electronic bibles and bible programs,  resources are never beyond reach.  Why, we can even counsel people with computer programs, personality tests, and behavior charts instead of prayer.

Somehow, I sense the Holy Spirit wanting to do more than present the church with easy options in which to research information.  Much more than just having endless conferences, seminars, and workshops that inform, but seldom change us.  Yes, we are the enlightened age-the technological geniuses of the 21st century; this new high tech church world.  But where does our fight with the forces of darkness fit into all of this illumination?

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