Resurrection Truths

Jesus brings the experience of the resurrection from the realms of hope and then introduces it to the arena of faith.  Many times our problems seem too difficult for us, but they are never out of range from the Holy Spirit.  Jesus stated that “I am the Resurrection”.  That is a powerful statement in light of hope and an even more powerful concept when we view eternity.  Jesus is stating that He (Logos)  is the eternal life and He has the power of the Holy Spirit.  The difference between Lazarus and the believer today is that we will come back more than we were.  Lazarus was restored to his previous existence. We will be resurrected a new creation.

The resurrection to us should mean three things: New Life—the body will become lifeless; but the spirit will become glorious and the soul immortal.  (2)  Perfect restoration of All Saints- – we will no longer be affected by the cares of this world, and (3) The Immortal Kingdom- the New Jerusalem- the place of the presence and power of God Almighty.  By accepting the fact that Jesus is the resurrection, we experience the life-giving power of God within us.  One hidden truth of the resurrection is to take our eyes off the event and focus our attention on the one who gave it.

The power of the resurrection lies in who gets the glory.  If we take credit for our success in life, we miss the mark.  The principle is to give it all to Jesus.  The hope of the resurrection is in what we expect.  Our expectations should be to fulfill our purpose and calling.  The joy of the resurrection is to worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth.  Another truth is really knowing your own personal identity in Jesus Christ.  Paul expressed that he was “crucified with Christ,” but his identity was not replaced, he lived.  We have to realize that resurrection power lies within your inner man. The power to accept the counsel of the Holy Spirit without doubting.

Remember, Jesus made the resurrection personal. Having faith for the present battles prepares us for our ultimate victory in glory.  The truth of resurrection power is not to believe in a death experience only.  It is the ability to take on God’s abundant life in our flesh today.  The need to express confidence in who you are will telegraph a message to your enemy that you are indestructible.  Go ahead; boast to the enemy.  We must also learn to demonstrate a power praise.  Praise that has the authority and the ability to get the job done and overtake our enemies.

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