The F.O.G. Concept

We live in a society, more importantly, an environment, where we are constantly challenged by the atmospheric conditions of our time. If the air we breathe in facilities does not affect us, we are threatened by changes in the weather that carry disease and viruses. With all the attacks on our physical surroundings, it is a blessing to know that The Lord has charged our spiritual atmosphere with the ““(F.O.G. Favor of God).

In Prov 14:35,  the Hebrew word ,Ratson,  refers to what a king can or will do for someone he likes. Ratson represents a concrete reaction of a superior being to an inferior being. In other words, it is what God will do, even though the recipient cannot repay. When used of God, Ratson may represent that which is shown in His blessings.

Having Favor also means giving Grace. Grace is so closely linked with Favor that it is impossible to talk about Favor without bringing to mind Grace. It’s a classic Christian paradox, isn’t it? Just when you think it’s time to pull out the Law and read someone the riot act, Jesus shows by his behavior that it’s better to embrace that person with a costly love. And Grace does cost. It obviously cost the Son of God everything, and for you to extend Grace will cost you. The Lord forgives us because of His Mercy.


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