A Word Of Caution

I hope we are taking a cautious look at what we accept, believe, and declare about our salvation. We are faced with dangerous theological rat traps all the time. The media attention Christianity is getting lately might cause many to believe what they see rather than what they know to be true. I know that the best way to administer poison is to hide it in something good. So, false teachers are not standing up waving a flag saying they are teaching false doctrine. No, they are mixing truths, lowing standards, and secretly denying canal doctrines of the faith. The Word of God is said to be “nourishment, energy, and development” in truth. Any sort of theological poison that is planted in the midst of a solid base of truth will upset the balance. We must be on guard by studying (2 Tim 2:14-15), praying (Eph 6:18), and trusting God (Heb 11:6).

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