Solving The Issue of Interpretation

Doctrinal differences and not doctrinal clarity are what define the diversity in the Protestant community. Along with that, what started out in the 1500s as an attack on the organized church to reform its practices and return to the scriptures, has in fact become a rebellion. So I ask who then can properly interpret scripture and bring truth to light?  Over 600 years ago, the Protestant Reformation cried foul and offered every person the opportunity to read the scriptures for themselves and do their own interpretation. They suggested the bible be printed in the language of the people and let it be the sole interpreter of itself. What a disaster this has been. Countless messiahs and numerous cults later, the problems still have not been solved. Jesus stated when he returns will He find faith on the earth (Luke 18:8). I wonder does this means faith in God or faith in one another?

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