The New People’s Church

Welcome to the New Gospel Church of the people. Meeting needs and feeding egos. You remember, the Old gospel, getting into the presence of God. Where we sought the righteousness of God.; The New gospel is liberation from low self-esteem, emptiness, and loneliness. In fact, the New gospel is entirely about what one can get out of it, not what one brings to it. The Old gospel was about God, his holiness and love. The New gospel is about loving one’s self and meeting one’s needs. The New Gospel is very ego-centric; the Old gospel was Theo-centric.

The point is “church” has really become selfish and more about our needs than what is required. Yes, the Lord will supply all our deficiencies in time. But the real  truth is we present to God what He requires before we get what we desire. In the midst of this great need to get our needs met, have we forgotten the principle of sacrifice and commitment before reward and benefits? So do we allow the New to replace the Old? Do we continue this selfish trend or break these new habits and return to worship as outlined in the scripture?

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