The Dilemma of Ministry and Ministers

There is an alarming trend of moral failure among church leaders today.  The devil’s strategy seems to be – “get the focus off the message to the messenger, thereby marginalizing the message. “  The problem is the message is what we hear, but the messenger is what we see. If what we see fails to line up to what we hear, well we have a problem.  Whether we want to accept it or not, there is a close relationship between the message and the messenger in the public’s attitude toward any ministry. The highly publicized disclosures of the moral and financial corruption of well-known media personalities have caused untold damage to the reputation of God within our society of Faith.

The problem may be that in the Western church we have a need to “market” ministers more than the ministry.  We have made “rock stars” out of those who bring the Word, rather than conforming to what the message announces.  Most ministers use their name for ministry promotion and we flock to hear popular speakers who motivate but seldom cultivate change in our lives.  We must pray for a quick recovery of an alarming trend to demoralize the message of Christ with tainted messengers of Christ before there is no voice to be heard.

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