In or Out!

In our new counter-cultural society, the real issue is who is in or out of the closet. The term “in the closet” used to mean concealing your true identity and living undercover. Now it refers today to those who won’t accept this new self-pride of how I was created; determining who I really should be regardless of how society determines who I am; and the church pronouncing who I should be. But in reality, I don’t know if we really want to accept how we were created as opposed to accepting how we can be re-created.

The question is not “Can I be a Christian and _________?” The real issue is “Can I be a Christian and not be re-created for God’s Glory?” Christianity is ultimately about CHANGE. Being a Christian is being transformed from my original created being and becoming a new thinker. So the transition is not what we ultimately think of ourselves, but what we really think of God. Who and what is He to us. For instance, He is, not just our creator, but our Redeemer and Lord.

This means that we must develop a counter-cultural revolution. A pattern of not adjusting to the culture, but transforming to “Holiness.” Resulting in sanctifying our thoughts and even getting control of our emotions. So that, changed thinking will result into changed behavior and eventually a changed life-style.

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