Our homiletic source pool has got to change. We have to stop structuring our messages around the latest trend, fad, or popular word of the hour. Let’s return to a biblical mandate and a source “word” from the Holy Spirit. Our churches don’t need to turn their plates down and fast, we do. Our churches don’t need more prayer time, we do. There are some things that will not break without direction from the appointed leadership for the appointed time.

The Church World

The church world is bathing in its’ own self success statements to build empires and have forgotten its’ mission call to spread the Gospel into the world, not market the Gospel ^DG

America Has Become Sinful

America has become one of the most sinful nations on earth. It seems that we have lost our soul. Our abundance has led to greed.If we don’t reverse the tide judgement will be the fruit. Will the real church stand up! ^DG