The Church Triumphant

As the church attempted to fortify itself with the doctrine of the Apostles (Acts 2:42); the practice of its worship (Col. 3:16-17); and the fellowship of its followers (Rom 15:5-6); one thing became clear. Satan was not going to make this an easy assignment. The external persecutions (Acts 8:1; 4) and the internal divisions (1 Cor 1:10) produced a strain on the long term reality of its existence and the effectiveness of its message. But then  the message of Jesus Christ has survived the test of time, history, and debate. ^DMG

The Early Church

The people who received the message of Jesus Christ were then called the “church.” They met in cell pockets in different locations and discipled new converts into the Faith. The importance of where they worshiped and what they called “Houses of Worship” were a later development and could be concluded as adding more complications to the growth and development of Christianity. ^DMG


The Jesus Debate

Centuries of debate questioned the percentage of humanity and divinity Jesus possessed while on earth. The age of miracles was replaced by the age of reason and language supplied little clarity on supernatural issues. To properly define the church is to define its mission and clarify its relationship to its founder, Jesus Christ. ^DMG

Defining The Church

The church is really defined by its doctrine, its people, and its style of worship. All of these areas are under attack as we pursue an understanding of the true nature of the church in the 21st century ^DMG.

Moral Compass

The absence of a moral compass will produce moral chaos until we return to biblical standards of ethics in our families, church, government, and mainly in ourselves. Wesley was right to point us to personal responsibility in salvation and not corporate mandates that imprison us instead of liberating us.


Injustice, assumes the prior existence of justice. Injustice is a lack of justice. Immorality is a privation of morality, unkindness a lack of kindness. Sin, biblically speaking, is a failure to achieve God’s standard of perfection ^DG


Redemption is God’s striking alternative to eradication. Rather than destroying his fallen creation, he has chosen to restore a people for himself, a people who one day will live with him in a restored creation ^DG