The Trend Today

The trend today is not to approve or disapprove, but accept. We have moved toward a society that accepts all kinds of lifestyles and behavior, without personal involvement.But how can one not be touched by the behavior of others and remain pure? ^DG

What We Have Ingested And Committed

What we have ingested and committed to practice as the tenements of our Faith or the practice of our Christian walk, is leading us to new purpose and direction in our journey in this Christian walk. ^DG

We Have Become Hosts To Emotional Gratifications

We have become hosts to the emotional and mental gratification of people’s needs without the change of lifestyles required to be holy.^DG

The Church’s History Has Moved

The church’s history has moved from pleasing the Lord to pleasing society to pleasing itself. It’s as if the church is now announcing that the war is over so – let’s have a “Holy Ghost” party and wait until Jesus comes.^DG

The Main Business Of Entertainment

The main business of entertainment is to please the crowd. But the goal of Christianity should be to please the Lord. ^DG

Don’t Let Anyone Make Jesus Anymore

Don’t let anyone make Jesus anymore than what He is – The Truth. Don’t study anymore than Christ crucified and don’t preach anything you can’t live. ^DG