The Early Or Primitive Church

When I researched what we term, “The early or primitive church,” I was amazed at the amount of cautions and warnings regarding false teachers. They were constantly commanded to guard their faith and salvation. We are also challenged to build ourselves up through prayer and discernment. Jude v20, “but you, dear friends, by building yourselves up in your most holy faith, by praying in the Holy Spirit” (Net Bible). Jude v3 suggests that we should contend for the Faith – this means we should fight, question, and stand firm against heresies that arise in opposition to the faith of the Church. Jude states, “ Dear friends, although I was eager to write to you about the salvation we share, I found it necessary to write to you and urge you to continue your vigorous defense of the faith that was passed down to the saints once and for all.”  (ISV) The Apostles expected believers to be able to discipline themselves in doctrine and maintain strong Christian values. However, it became evident quickly that this was not going to happen without teachers and prophets (Acts 13:1). The lack of strong Christian conviction continues today. We can not make people confess what they don’t believe, and we can not live what we don’t confess.  I believe the defense today should not be on the principle of sin, but the activity of sin, not by sinners , but by believers.

The Optional Church

Today we are really faced with wrestling with Historical Christianity and following the traditions that were established by the Church; to canonical Christianity and trying to reconcile scripture to modern living; or possibly hearing a new “Word” from the Lord for a change of course through a new prophetic voice. What course do we really take? And, how do we mix or separate all or any of these?

I want to stress that these issues need prayer and dialogue as we try to maintain stability and hope for real kingdom manifestation to appear. What we must remember is that the Lord is not preparing us for escape, but victory.  However, the only way the church is going to achieve power and strength is by making a united stand against the kingdom of darkness. Not a militant stand against physical forces, but a spiritual stand against forces that are desperately trying to influence our worldview through the impact of our minds. This has taken shape in our educational institutions; in our businesses; in entertainment; and yes, even in the church herself. We are under attack with values, ethics, and character defects, while the glamor of fame and fortune intoxicate us.

Something To Consider

More than revival we need a reformation in our ideology and our theology. Since theology is the study of God, are we suggesting that our understanding of God evolves as we mature? YES.  Is God adjusting His Will to our ways? Never. Or should we be adjusting our ways to His Will? Certainly. For many of us it’s our ideology we live by and not our theology. Ideology is defined as a system of social beliefs, values, and ideas forming a basis of the way a person thinks. Ultimately, it is how a person thinks that determines their actions. Yet we are shocked at what people do that we call crime. But

Changing The Course of The Church

I am concerned over what it will take to turn the church back on course and inspire our leaders to take positive action against the evil of our day and the tide of sin in our society. The world is like a little child who knows when he has done wrong, but will continue until told to do right. Some mothers shout, “Why do I have to tell you to stop?’ because it is the nature of sin. Sin does not cease until it is addressed and dealt with. But you can’t deal with sin until you prepare a spokesperson for the task.

America Has Become Sinful

America has become one of the most sinful nations on earth. It seems that we have lost our soul. Our abundance has led to greed.If we don’t reverse the tide judgement will be the fruit. Will the real church stand up! ^DG

Some Seem To Feel

Some seem to feel that God accepting their praise on Sunday means He accepts their sinful lifestyles all week ^DG